Regulations visit De Schildkamp
Keep 1.5 meters away
Reservations are required (for hotel and restaurant)
A health check will be made upon arrival
Max. 2 people sit at a table or bar unless it concerns a joint household consisting of more people
3 or more people? An audit will take place whether it concerns a joint household. If not; Keep 1.5
meters away
Maximum hygiene measures
Wash hands upon entry and after visiting the toilet
No access with cold and / or flu complaints
Pay as much as possible electronically
Always follow the instructions of the staff and give them space
If you do not follow the 1.5m rules, access to the catering company can be denied

Dear Killy friends,
The KFN organises her 45th International Killifish Show from Friday the 28th August till Sunday
the 30th August 2020.
The exhibition is held in: hotel De Schildkamp, Leerdamseweg 44, Asperen (Leerdam),
Tel 0345618814, http://www.schildkamp.nl
Again, we hope you will visit our convention and/or participate in this show, by sending us some of your
fishes. The results of the exhibition count for the European Championship
Fishes will be displayed in 11 groups:
1 North American- and European species
2 Rivulus, Laimosemion, Atlantirivulus, Anablepsoides, Melanorivulus Prorivulus and Kryptolebias
3 Lampeyes
4 South American bottom-spawners
5 Nothobranchius
6 Fundulopanchax, Pronothobranchius en Fundulosoma
7 Aphyosemion (Chromaphyosemion and Diapteron) and Fenerbache
8 Species belonging to Aphyosemion elegans- and A. calliurum group and A. elberti and A. exiguum
9 Species belonging to Aphyosemion striatum, A. ogoense, A. herzogi, A. cameronense and A. coeleste
groups and A. bamilekorum
10 Callopanchax, Archiaphyosemion en Scriptaphyosemion
11 Epiplathys, Aplocheilus en Panchypanchax
An international judging committee will judge the fishes.
Three prices will be given for each group and one for the best breeding group in each group. There will be
also prices for “Best of Show” and “Best Foreign Entry”.
This year you must register your fish before 26th August. We have place for 528 pair of fish.
Fishes for the show must be arrived before Friday the 28th August at 17.00 Hrs.
You can send your fish also to: Wim & Yvonne Suijker,
Koningshof1 5151GX Drunen The Netherlands.
tel.: ..31 627276575,
E-mail mahdiaensis@gmail.com
All the donated fish will be auctioned on Sunday the 30th August.
It is not allowed to trade your own fish in the room reserved for the exhibition.
Program for the 45th K.F.N. International Killifish Show.
Friday 28th August:
Saturday 29th August:
Show open
Auction of rare killi’s and livebearers
Diner & prize awards
Show open
-19.30 – 22.00 Hrs.
– 09.00 -18.00 Hrs.
– 13.30 – 16.00 Hrs.
-16.00 – 18.00 Hrs.
-19.30 – … ??
-09.00 – 10.30 Hrs.
Sunday 30th August:
-11.00 –
The lecture will be given by Heinz Ott about his collecting trip in Equatorial Guinee.
On Saturday evening we have our the famous “Dutch Evening”. This year we have a 3-course dinner.
There are 4 different menus incl. a vegetarian menu. The costs are 35 Euro per person.
Room prices: A single room is € 80, -. Double room € 95- based on 1 person per night.
Double room € 100- based on 2 persons per night. Prices are exclusive tourist tax but incl. breakfast.
Dogs are allowed but you pay €10, – par night for extra cleaning of the room.
Guests of the hotel can use the swimming pool for free.
If you want to be sure to stay in “De Schildkamp” Please make your reservations as soon as possible.
For reservations for the hotel rooms and dinner, please contact: Wim & Yvonne Suijker,
Tel.: .. 31 627276575
E-mail mahdiaensis@gmail.com