Convention SKLIK 2015

SKLIK 2015

Dear friends,

SKLIK (Slavic Killifish Association) Killi Show 2015 will be held this year in Moscow 1, 2, 3 and 4 October 2015.
Welcome back !!!
MSU Botanic Garden (Apothecary Garden), Moscow, Prospekt Mira 26/1

Thuesday 1 October
14:00-18:00 Fish reception

Friday 2 October
10:00-14:00 Fish reception
16:00- 18:00 Fish Judging

Saturday 3 October
10:00-18:00 Exhibition and SKLIK related (meetings, seminars, workshops)

Sunday 4 October
10:00-11:50 Packaging of fish
12:00-15:00 Awards and Auction of exposed fish

For more information and fish registration contact :

Sergey Torgashev

Additional information will be later,

We hope to see you.

Thank you very much in advance

All the best,
Nikolay Vlasov

Per info vedi il seguente link.